Powerful Engines Pack + Transmissions v 5.0

Powerful Engines Pack + Transmissions v 5.0.

Duża paczka poprawionych silników i dźwięków dla Twojego ciągnika od szalonego Vikinga. Podobno działa pod patchem 1.25 Euro Truck Simulator 2. Nie testowałem.
This time there are significant changes from the previous version. Added Emblems for Scania and Scania Streamline R front when mounting engines mod. (Watch video). Different sounds have been added to the Scania R and Streamline. For engines 600-700-800 and 900 Cv the sound is normal, while for Brutal engines will mate RJL sounds that are truly wonderful. Added engines and transmissions for trucks following: RJL Scania (Scania dealers are buying), Volvo FH10 (purchased from Volvo dealers), Volvo 2013 Ohaha (purchased from Volvo dealers), Mercedes NG 1632 edit by Ekualizer (purchased at dealerships Mercedes), Man F90 (purchased at dealerships Man), Sisu R500 (purchased at dealerships Renault), Daf XF Euro 6 Ohaha (purchased at dealerships Daf), Maz 64229-54323 v4.0 (purchased at dealerships Daf), Dong Feng (purchased at dealerships Scania), FSC Star (bought in Scania dealers), Volvo NH12 Fixed V1.25 (purchased from Volvo dealers), Kraz 255 (purchased from Volvo dealers), Volvo FH 12-16 v 1.2 Fixed Generation I (purchased from Volvo dealers), Volvo F Series (F12 – F16) (purchased from Volvo dealers), Scania T Mod V2.0 (purchased at dealerships Scania)
NOTE: To work properly all trucks with engine mod, they must be below the quoted mod. I will make another post with all these trucks adapted for download pack, or each individual download links to the original authors. Thank you very much to all of them.
Author: Rockeropasiempre, Sounds Scania: Kriechbaum
DOWNLOAD 827 MB: Pack 1 (827 Mb): 64229-54323 Maz v4.0, Daf XF Euro 6 Ohaha, Dong Feng, Volvo Ohaha 2013, Kraz 255, Man F90 and Mercedes NG 1632 edit by Ekualizer
DOWNLOAD 910 MB: Volvo FH10, RJL Scania, Scania T Mod V2.0, Sisu R500, FSC Star, Volvo F Series (F12 – F16), Volvo FH 12-16 v 1.2 Fixed Generation I, and Volvo Fixed V1.25 NH12

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