Realistic Environment (Fael Environment) v 2.8

Mod poprawiający wygląd wirtualnego świata Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Jeśli nie wystarcza Ci ustawienie wszystkich szczegółów na tryb ultra, to wypróbuj tę modyfikację. Modyfikacja raczej nie polecana właścicielom słabszych komputerów.
It’s very important to set these Graphic Settings at high to get the best visuals with this mod: VEGETATION DETAIL – HIGH, GRASS DENSITY – HIGH. If you want to increase the Trees’ Draw Distance (or LOD), you have to change these lines in the Game_data.sii:
I didn’t include this file in the mod in order to avoid conflict with other mods that use modifications in this file, but you can add it on your own or edit the one that’s being used by another mod (Promods, TruckSim map, Improved Weather Reload and etc.)
Values to edit:
leaves_lod_start: (610.0, 410.0, 50.0)
leaves_lod_end: (670.0, 460.0, 100.0)
Authors: Rafaelbc, Grimes


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