Western Star 4800

Ciągnik Western Star 4800.

Bardzo fajny mod do American Truck Simulator. Ciągnik Western Star 4800 jest dobrze dopracowany, fajnie jeździ, wydaje z siebie ciekawe dźwięki i spisuje się znakomicie. Ktoś go musiał długo pieścić. Polecam.
It is registered in the auto Kenworth. It is found in the company’s orders. Present in the gallery trucks. Has the real engines, transmissions, sound, interior cabin, additional
controls, and their coloring template editing.
Included are a fashion :
1. „ATS_RTA-Mods_driver_mod” – removes the default wheel on the outside of the truck
model. ( When connecting the rudder lost all trucks ). Connect optional.
2. „ATS_RTA-Mods_Peerke145_Windscreen_plates” – adds an extra plate on the windshield
    driver and passenger window. Connect optional.
3. „ATS_RTA-Mods_WS4800_v-1.0_Part3” – sound transmission and the engine. Connect necessarily!!!
4. „ATS_RTA-Mods_WS4800_v-1.0_Part2” – model truck. Connect necessarily!!!
5. „ATS_RTA-Mods_WS4800_v-1.0_Part1” – residence , Temple. Connect necessarily!!!

Virat,SCS: – 3D model.
Smith – Template, assistance with animation etc.
Fire-Blade: – Interior model, modeling.
Stas556: – conversion, animation and setup.
NN-Mihail: – Technical support.
kriechbaum: – sounds, engines and transmissions.
Driver Geo: – Video.
Mick Brown: – Technical support.
Tracy N Nathan Anderson – Technical support.
Peerke145 – windscreen plates.


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